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Franca Lucchitta

Francesca (Franca) walks to re-define her relationship with time-space. Through movement – field research – and theoretical research she explores experience-based knowledge and how it can be translated into publications and tools for its transmission. In combination with walking, she uses writing (words and images) to create narrations between elements apparently distant. She has a special attraction for traces, leftover, lines, anecdotes and dog-eared page; you can read some of her notes in the Journal.

She likes to spend time on the yellow floor of San Serriffe in Amsterdam – she is part of the bookstore's team since some time. When she is not there she is shaping bread (Bakkerij Mater sourdough and family run bakery in Amsterdam) or books at her baita. Sometimes she really enjoy to screen-print on fabric.

She is often between lowlands and highlands and she loves to travel by train.