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Radio Robida started from a deep need of keeping the relations with our friends active throughout the whole year, especially during winter. And what could be a better way than through the power of the spoken word and sound? We began to ask ourselves: How would it be possible to combine hyper-specificity, which Robida is so fond of, with the will of being relevant for those who are far away from us? Could a radio station be a form of care – toward a place and a community? The idea of narrowcasting rather than broadcasting seemed a perfect fit to do just that: Using the radio as a walkie-talkie or a casual telephone call to a friend, to whom you sometimes don't have much to say - you're just establishing intimate contact with her, showing that you care. Radio as a means of cultivating communities. We're trying to make the radio work seem as effortless as possible, making it seem as natural as cleaning your teeth after you wake up.

Quickly after the workshop Hearing the Margins, which was held in Topolò in mid-September 2021, led by our now-good-friend Jack Bardwell, we started narrowcasting every second Saturday. The umbrella topic of our shows is a topic that keeps coming back in our everyday thinkings and lives: the margin. Whether it be through media, literary, landscape studies, sound-drawing, music, friendly talks or casual morning readings of theoretical texts, the topic of the margin is in a way always present in our program and is certainly a leitmotif of Robida in general.

Radio Robida sofinancira Urad vlade za Slovence v zamejstvu in po svetu in Javni zavod GO! 2025 - European capital of culture, Nova Gorica. / Radio Robida is co-financed by the Government Office for Slovenians Abroad and Javni zavod GO! 2025 - European capital of culture, Nova Gorica.

If you have a proposal for a show, just a single episode, an idea on which we can work together, contact us at: